Doll Automation

Playtime with dolls

Dollforum user IwillReview treats us with some great stop motion of his life size dolls. Check the whole thread for the gifs a

Robot figure handjob

Some great manual animation by Twitter user aimooisiFTNR! This really has it all: watch till the end for an awesome happy endi

Slow times

Hello dear followers, hope you are good. Just a quick note to remind you that DollAutomation is 100% alive, but unfortunately

Singing Barbie facial

Despite not being a fan of plain facials on dolls, this one by Xhamster user Barbiefreund deserves some merit: protagonist is

Figure and robot sex

Back to some nice hand animation with Twitter user rai4077! Enjoy some intercourse between this small, soft figure and a bulky

Shemale doll stop motion

Dollharem user Willendorph teases us with a bunch of sexy stop motion animations of his shemale doll Claire; here’s the

YourDoll sex robot

To our surprise, YourDoll just released a video of their own sexbot! Despite she can only bend her spine, the movement is just

URDolls robot doll

A new robot doll by URDolls came out of nowhere, and it looks interesting indeed. It’s just a teaser trailer, but we can

Doll peek stop motion

I missed stop motion a lot here, so I’m happy to have found a nice animation, even if short, by Twitter user zizithedoll

Realbotix Nova

Our favorite doll professional, Brick Dollbanger, is back at it with a gorgeous new Realbotix face, Nova. Just look at her, sh

DSDoll Robotics hand

Take a look at this cool hand from the latest DSDoll Robotics prototypes. Visit their Youtube channel for more videos and insi

DSDoll Robotics walking prototype

Looks like DSDoll Robotics felt down into feature creep and added robotics to every single limb. Sexy moves! Less sexy plans f

Camsoda poledancer robot

Erotic company Camsoda recently made a nice, yet very simple poledancer robot for their users to enjoy. Have fun!

Cocona Kosaka robot doll

This charming robot by Benten505 is one of the nicest creations I have seen so far, and one of the most particular for sure: a

ECBJ Oral sex robot

Okay, this might look very uncanny… But we appreciate the creativity and effort for sure. Looks like it will be live on