Doll Automation

PornHub and missing content

If you recently logged in to PornHub or any other PornHub Network website, you might have first noticed you are missing your avatar. Then went to your profile, and all your uploads are gone. Checked your favorites, and most of that stuff is gone too. Why, are you wondering? Me and many more are left wondering too.

It looks like PornHub Network is not fine with many different fetishes and the board decided to silently purge ton of perfectly legal content including dolls, robots, 2D and 3D animations, furry, plush, and more. While I understand and respect that private websites are free to do as they please, this is a crap move since deleting all this content also throws away communities, and in the end, a lot of users. And since this wasn’t even announced, many of us might have forever lost old content for which we don’t have backups (it’s my case for some stuff- and my fault indeed).

Every year there are less and less platforms where you can freely upload erotic content, as if even legal material is now banned because it is some weird, unusual fetish that a bunch of people finds offensive or immoral. There are still some decent big porn tube websites like XHamster and XVideos, the first of which still hosts all my stuff, but I hope that in the future something more embracing will pop out for all us outlanders.

Many links here on DollAutomation are dead now, but I’m keeping everything for the memory- we have tiny gifs of what has been, at least. I will continue to add interesting, worthy content as I find it.