Doll Automation

About & F.A.Q.

What’s this place?

Founded January 9, 2018, this is the first website for animated-only dolls and figures.

This is a mainly NSFW place where I aggregate public-only media of dolls, figures, and sometimes DIY contraptions that move, that are animated. No matter if they move via stop motion, improvised puppeteering techniques or robotics, they all fit here. This is the place for those who look for something more fresh than a video with a perfectly static doll.

Please note this website is a project I manage in my limited free time, so it may take a while for each update. Also, due to the nature of the content, it may take days or weeks before anything new and noteworthy appears online!

This website may occasionally runs ads to keep up with the server costs, without being intrusive with your navigation. Thanks for your understanding!

What about content credit?

All the content will be embedded or hotlinked, so to keep the link to the original source; also if the content is part of a bigger gallery, I will include a link to that. Author name/nickname will always be explicit.

If for some reason I won’t be able to link or embed the content, I will upload it directly on this website and try all my best to find and credit the original author.

Can I contribute?

Of course yes! If you found something that you think fits here, or if you created something yourself, just send a message to

What kind of content is accepted?

The idea is to only have content where the dolls (or figures, etc) look like they move by themselves, like they are alive. Stop motion and robotics are the best fit for this place, but it’s ok to have videos where dolls are manually moved, as long as they don’t look lifeless bodies. Novelty factor is often important: if something looks way different from what we already saw online, then it could easily be a fit. Things like classic fucking/dildo/milking machines are quite old and not really what this site is for, but any intelligent reinvention of those may find its place here. Sometimes pictures of doll that are animated with graphics software will be ok, as long as they are really noteworthy. Every subject depicted here must be at least 18 years old.

How can I report something?

Embedded and hotlinked content do not directly belong to this website, so reports of any nature should be sent directly to the original source. Anyways, if you think something should not belong here at all, please send a message to without hesitation to sort it out together. Please allow a few days for replies!