Doll Automation


Singing Barbie facial

Despite not being a fan of plain facials on dolls, this one by Xhamster user Barbiefreund deserves some merit: protagonist is

Figure and robot sex

Back to some nice hand animation with Twitter user rai4077! Enjoy some intercourse between this small, soft figure and a bulky

LEGO sex machine for Barbie dolls

A creative LEGO sex machine keeps these two barbie dolls entertained. Creation by Xhamster user NingyouAi!

Dollfie sex

xHamster user mrkuku is quite creative with his doll videos. Watch them gently taking care of him with some nice moves. More v

Dancing robot doll ST-01 by med_mahiro

This is probably the smoothest dancing doll you will see for a while. Credit to Twitter user med_mahiro! Dancing Robot Doll by

Expressive robot head S.E.E.R.

Take a look at this little, doll-like robot with the ability to mimic facial expressions. It shows a beautiful variety of emot

Dancing Doll-RZ by RozenZebet

YouTube user RozenZebet has been working on this dancing Dollfie from quite some time, and results are impressive for sure. Ch

BJD Alive Project by Cosmicolor 8bit

These three BJDs look totally alive with some hand and computer animation. So cute!

Rare doll stop motion by Mikotoreiga

Some rare and naughty stop motions here! Check his profile, there are more videos to see.

Alleyne animatronic by RoadRoller

I made another experiment with servo motors and an Alleyne action figure. From my xHamster profile.

Elf BJD boob massage by @Karen1231y

A cute elf BJD receiving a sweet massage on her chest. いもねこっぱいの破壊力を見るがいい(*゚∀゚)=3♥️

Hybrid animation Dollfies

Here’s a pair of nice hybrid animations without an author (for now). They do not really fall into any motion category of

[Album] Monster High stop motion by gearhead1973

Little monster girls that know their stuff. Animations made by user gearhead1973 on, check out many more in his p

[Album] Figure stop motion by RoadRoller

Some stop motion loops I made with a small figure. From my xHamster profile.

[Album] Simple animatronic by RoadRoller

I made some simple animatronics with servos and an action figure. From my xHamster profile.