Doll Automation


Camsoda poledancer robot

Erotic company Camsoda recently made a nice, yet very simple poledancer robot for their users to enjoy. Have fun!

Cocona Kosaka robot doll

This charming robot by Benten505 is one of the nicest creations I have seen so far, and one of the most particular for sure: a

ECBJ Oral sex robot

Okay, this might look very uncanny… But we appreciate the creativity and effort for sure. Looks like it will be live on

Stream-controlled robot fucks girl

This is something you don’t see every day: famous streamer Ice Poseidon has a makeshift robot controlled by stream viewe

Robot Sex Machine V2 (new video) by robot_lover

PornHub user robot_lover released another video for his great Robot Sex Machine. Have fun!

The Handmaiden

Hidden between the videos tagged with “robot” on PornHub, there was this very interesting masturbator torso doll,

Robot Sex Machine V2 by robot_lover

PornHub user robot_lover is continuing its work on the Robot Sex Machine! The new V2 model looks far superior than every other

Full body robot doll by Ricky Ma

Do you remember that robot doll that looked like Scarlett Johansson? The guy behind it, Ricky Ma, is still working on that and

Anime robot by A_say

Twitter user A_say is making an anime robot with cool features. Her eyes are made with screens and can follow you thanks to a

Robot Sex Machine by robot_lover

We already featured PornHub user robot_lover and his stroking machine, but he recently improved on the design and is now selli

Cheerleader doll by wantaBlack

Brighten your day with this funny, jumping cheerleader doll, animated by hand and springs, I guess. Check wantaBlack’s p

Dancing Doll-RZ by RozenZebet

YouTube user RozenZebet has been working on this dancing Dollfie from quite some time, and results are impressive for sure. Ch

Blowjob robot by Arlan Robotics

The company behind this contraption had bad luck with the Indiegogo campaign and videos are now hard to find.

Skeleton fuck

When you get too creative, spooky magic happens… Author unknown for now.

Smooth masturbation machine by Robot_Lover

Robot_Lover built a couple of clever machines. Not really dolls, but awesome execution indeed. UPDATE: videos have gone privat