Doll Automation


Realbotix Harmony first sex videos

Take a look at how robots have pleasure.

Licking sexdoll

Very creative doll modding.

Stream-controlled robot fucks girl

A sexy, yet very weird experiment.

Robot Sex Machine V2 (new video) by robot_lover

PornHub user robot_lover released another video for his great Robot Sex Machine. Have fun!

Dancing robot doll ST-01 by med_mahiro

This is probably the smoothest dancing doll you will see for a while. Credit to Twitter user med_mahiro! Dancing Robot Doll by

The Handmaiden

Hidden between the videos tagged with “robot” on PornHub, there was this very interesting masturbator torso doll,

Breathing doll by wantaBlack

Twitter user wantaBlack used a simple trick to make a doll breathe. The result looks quite convincing! マッサージ機能

Robot Sex Machine V2 by robot_lover

PornHub user robot_lover is continuing its work on the Robot Sex Machine! The new V2 model looks far superior than every other

Full body robot doll by Ricky Ma

Do you remember that robot doll that looked like Scarlett Johansson? The guy behind it, Ricky Ma, is still working on that and

Anime robot by A_say

Twitter user A_say is making an anime robot with cool features. Her eyes are made with screens and can follow you thanks to a

The GreySexMachine

Some years ago, a Dollforum user called mayolover came up with a motorized sex gym called The GreySexMachine; among the other

DSDoll Robotic Body waking

DSDoll Robotic is really pushing forward its robotic tech: just look at this new video of the Robotic Body as she wakes up. Cl