Doll Automation


LEGO sex machine for Barbie dolls

A creative LEGO sex machine keeps these two barbie dolls entertained. Creation by Xhamster user NingyouAi!

Two licking sexdolls, part 2

Pornhub user ukdoll released another video with some more action by his two licking sexdolls. Hot!

DSDoll Robotics full body

The guys at DSDoll Robotics are still working on their full size robot doll. This is the first non-ironic video they posted in

Realbotix Harmony moans

Looks like develpment is going on with Harmony. A new video by Pornhub user Dollbanger shows some more intimate moments.

Two licking sexdolls

Pornhub user ukdoll teases us again, this time doubling the amount of custom built sexdolls.

Blowjob robot Samantha

A tweet from Viceland shows a new robot head which can apparently perform blowjobs. The preview is unfortunately short, and th

Valentina Girls videos

This sex doll brand, Valentina Girls, really knows how to advertise their products… Look how cool their videos are! Thes

Blowjob doll by Missdoll

Missdoll presented this really good robot doll during the latest AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. I’m pretty a

Realbotix Harmony first sex videos

Pornhub user Dollbanger gifts us the first two videos ever of a Realbotix doll actually having sex. Personally, the doll looks

Licking sexdoll

Take a look at this interesting mod for a real life sexdoll, made by PornHub user ukdoll. Looks really good!

Dollfie sex

xHamster user mrkuku is quite creative with his doll videos. Watch them gently taking care of him with some nice moves. More v

Stream-controlled robot fucks girl

This is something you don’t see every day: famous streamer Ice Poseidon has a makeshift robot controlled by stream viewe

Robot Sex Machine V2 (new video) by robot_lover

PornHub user robot_lover released another video for his great Robot Sex Machine. Have fun!

Dancing robot doll ST-01 by med_mahiro

This is probably the smoothest dancing doll you will see for a while. Credit to Twitter user med_mahiro! Dancing Robot Doll by

The Handmaiden

Hidden between the videos tagged with “robot” on PornHub, there was this very interesting masturbator torso doll,