Doll Automation

DSDoll Robotic Head funny videos

DSDoll has been releasing a lot of short funny clips of the beautiful Robotic Head recently. This one shows a nice Detroit: Be

Zoë Ligon and a male Realbotix

Super Deluxe’s adorable sex educator Zoë Ligon visits Abyss factory to talk and kiss with a male Realbotix doll. A real

DSDoll Robotic Head update, part 4

Wakey wakey! DSDoll Robotic continues with the updates, and here it is a brief new tease of a doll waking up. Click here to wa

Robot Sex Machine by robot_lover

We already featured PornHub user robot_lover and his stroking machine, but he recently improved on the design and is now selli

Cheerleader doll by wantaBlack

Brighten your day with this funny, jumping cheerleader doll, animated by hand and springs, I guess. Check wantaBlack’s p

Dancing Doll-RZ by RozenZebet

YouTube user RozenZebet has been working on this dancing Dollfie from quite some time, and results are impressive for sure. Ch

DSDoll Robotic Head update, part 3

DSDoll continues to surprise us with a new video of their robotic head. It gets better and better every time. Click here to wa

BJD Alive Project by Cosmicolor 8bit

These three BJDs look totally alive with some hand and computer animation. So cute!

DSDoll Robotic and Body updates, part 2

Once more, DSDoll Robotics shows us new progress videos of the robotic head and body, and they are all awesome. Click here to

Rare doll stop motion by Mikotoreiga

Some rare and naughty stop motions here! Check his profile, there are more videos to see.

Alleyne animatronic by RoadRoller

I made another experiment with servo motors and an Alleyne action figure. From my xHamster profile.

DSDoll Robotic Head and Body update

DSDoll Robotics released another video where they show some movement of the new robotic head, and a robotic body too! Really l